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Zaask and you shall receive

Zaask and you shall receive

Zaask is a website aimed at linking professional and amateur freelancers  (taskers) to businesses and contractors (askers). The website has a rating system that promotes meritocracy: if you do the job correctly, you will have a better chance of getting the next one.

Why it matters

A freelance-based website could be beneficial both for job hunters and employers. For the former it provides a chance of better contracts whereas it might be used as a helpful human resources platform for the latter. In the age of social media, where we happily rate products and business services, should we be doing the same with individuals? And more importantly can the rating system be reliable and fight nepotism?

Business Services
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Business Services

www.careerealism.com is a career advice blog, and one of the top career advice tools on Twitter.  Their tagline reads: “Because EVERY Job is Temporary.”  In fact, the number of people in the U.S. who claimed to have job security fell 17.5 percentage points in 2009. This sums up a major shift in the way we view employment, and how we prepare for it.  A transitory job market means people are on the job hunt more often, and for longer.  It’s also affected higher education, with more and more students opting for an interdisciplinary track over a narrowly focused pre-professional program.

Business Services
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