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Zaask and you shall receive

Zaask and you shall receive

Zaask is a website aimed at linking professional and amateur freelancers  (taskers) to businesses and contractors (askers). The website has a rating system that promotes meritocracy: if you do the job correctly, you will have a better chance of getting the next one.

Why it matters

A freelance-based website could be beneficial both for job hunters and employers. For the former it provides a chance of better contracts whereas it might be used as a helpful human resources platform for the latter. In the age of social media, where we happily rate products and business services, should we be doing the same with individuals? And more importantly can the rating system be reliable and fight nepotism?

Business Services
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Philips, in partnership with Dutch bank ABN AMRO, have created the Rationalizer system, which comprises an 'EmoBowl' and 'EmoBracelet'. These devices act as indicators of the wearer's mood.  A skin detector in the bracelet responds to any increase in emotional intensity, and displays its findings as a dynamic light pattern on either the bracelet itself or on the nearby, rather cool-looking bowl. The colours inside the bowl change from a soft yellow, to orange, to a deep, cautionary red. It’s  being touted as a tool to prevent traders from making rash decisions.

Business Services
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Competition to win a job

DECO’ is an initiative that facilitates the creation of mutually profitable contracts between up-and-coming designers and established companies. The project takes the form of a competition where the winning designer’s concepts are taken forward by the company in question, along with a contract for ongoing support and help with business planning.

Business Services