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Your virtual stylist

Your virtual stylist

Gap StyleMixer App, is the inspirational way to discover new trends, meet enthusiasts, and get dressed with confidence. It’s easier than ever to purchase right from your phone, and with outfit advice, photos, coupons, promotions and sales, your daily wardrobe will be fit for the runway. Your on-the-go stylist is just a tap away.

Why it matters

Consumers are becoming usued to the idea of using technology when it comes to advice, when looking for products or buying fashion items. Will the sales of those brands that don´t introduce these channels be affected?

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Fashion & Design
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Parisian design collective Wool And The Gang are now selling DIY knit kits alongside their ready-to-wear range. The kits contain everything you need to make the design you choose from the season’s DIY collection.

Fashion & Design
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Win a fashionable career

S*uce (pronounced Sauce), Dubai’s leading independent boutique, has announced a ‘Design a Dress’ competition. Remaining true to their principle of supporting regional talent, S*uce will offer the winner a contract to design a 6- piece collection that will be sold in the shop.     

Fashion & Design
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