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Your virtual concierge

Your virtual concierge

Hotel32 is a new boutique hotel in Monte Carlo. Each guest is provided with a red, branded Apple iPod Touch to use during their stay. Guests can access a website that puts all the hotel’s service at their fingertips – including the ability to request show tickets, a spa treatment, room service, or dinner reservations. Tell your iPod touch what sort of pillows you prefer and what you’d like in your minibar and hotel staff will make it so.

Why it matters

Travellers can book and plan their travel experience through their mobile phone, but now this has extended to every possible eventuality during their stay. Is this just another example of how technology is putting travel firmly in the hands of the consumer?

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Based on the principle of random acts of kindness, Royal Dutch airliner KLM hoped to make the dead time waiting for your flight slightly more enjoyable. By tracking travellers who tweeted about their flight, checked into foursquare or discovering where and why they were travelling, KLM was able to quickly get relevant little gifts and surprise passengers in the terminal.

Travel & Tourism
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