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Your virtual concierge

Your virtual concierge

Hotel32 is a new boutique hotel in Monte Carlo. Each guest is provided with a red, branded Apple iPod Touch to use during their stay. Guests can access a website that puts all the hotel’s service at their fingertips – including the ability to request show tickets, a spa treatment, room service, or dinner reservations. Tell your iPod touch what sort of pillows you prefer and what you’d like in your minibar and hotel staff will make it so.

Why it matters

Travellers can book and plan their travel experience through their mobile phone, but now this has extended to every possible eventuality during their stay. Is this just another example of how technology is putting travel firmly in the hands of the consumer?

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Crowd sourced train times

Densebrain, a New York based digital agency, has created a new feature for its mobile map apps called NextTrain. NextTrain uses the information that is sourced from fellow subway riders using the app to predict the arrival time of trains.

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Russian Travel Roulette

Hesitating between San Francisco or Istanbul for your next holiday? Let the Getgoing.com website decide for you! Simply enter both those destinations and the site will book you on one of those two options. You will only be told where you’re going once the purchase is processed. This is not only a great website for indecisive travellers;  when you let the site decide, you can get almost 40% off your travel.


With some flights travelling with nearly 30% of empty seats, the site can offer such an enticing discount because it helps airlines fill them. There’s also a hotel booking website that uses the same system: if you book the same day, you’ll have additional discounts by sleeping in a room that would normally have been empty that night.

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