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The world’s most expensive doggy bag

The world’s most expensive doggy bag

In Germany, nearly 11 tons of food is thrown away every year. A restaurant in Hamburg has decided to tackle this problem in their very own way by putting a sign on tables informing visitors that they will pay a fine for their unfinished meal (€1 per 50 grams).

Why it matters

In times where a considerable proportion of the global population suffers from hunger or malnutrition, is this is a good way of reminding people of their actions? Is imposing a fine enough to make us more conscious of our disposable and wasteful ways?

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Well Being
Food & Drink
Sun kissed cuisine

“Sol em Sol” (Sun on Sun) is a mobile kitchen and restaurant that cooks food with solar ovens.  Using seven ovens, they can cook for up to 40 people and meal prices range between 9 to 11 euros . The owners are planning to tour Portugal to get people from across the country to taste their sun-filled cuisine.

Food & Drink