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Will wash for food

Will wash for food

Home cleaning company Scotch-Brite, struggling with appealing to a younger demographic, leveraged reward marketing and restaurant partnerships by inviting young urban consumers to test the sponges - in exchange for the meal they already ate.

Why it matters

Surprising jaded people is a challenge, with interception more believable than interruption. Scotch-Brite took a hard-to-win target and offered them something they’d actually use (a free meal), a surprise (they had planned to pay), coupled with an experience (washing dishes with friends) and product trial woven throughout. When we break in to a new demographic, how can we focus on intercepting and joining, rather than stalling and interrupting? Beyond gaming and competition, what are some tried and true bits of shared experience (everyone knows the price of skipping a check is washing dishes) we can use to help challenging customers open their eyes?

House & Home
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House & Home
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House & Home