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Weekend mechanics

Weekend mechanics

An AutoTrader survey showed that 53% of motorists are attempting car maintenance jobs themselves, in an effort to save cash.  Pit Start is a new DIY garage service in the UK that’s picking up on this trend, and offering to rent space and tools to drivers who want to try their hand at basic maintenance.

Why it matters

"How To" accounts for 3% of all search terms. It’s clear that people are trying to avoid paying someone else to do something they could do themselves. How can brands respond proactively; so that instead of losing service business, they’re renting out they’re resources to help consumers learn something new?

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The Comodo Console is an internet and entertainment system for the car.  With the touch of a couple of buttons you can access the internet, play children’s songs, access any satellite radio station, locate the nearest ATM, gas station or restaurant. The device also doubles as a security monitor with a video system for safe reversing, a speedometer and a GPS systems.

Instant Gratification
Smaller is better (again)

Luxury sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg have signed an agreement to purchase General Motors’ Saab business in a move that is expected to revive the brand’s flagging fortunes. The niche Swedish brand is expected to take the brand back to its innovative roots, when it pioneered turbocharging and aerodynamics.