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Walking about stores online

Walking about stores online

“Cubeyou” is a web toolbox – still being designed - that lets people have a virtual tour not only around streets like google street view, but also inside the shops and the hotels within the city of Milan.

Why it matters

Getting people inside your stores digitally is a great way to drive real traffic. Is this digital shop tour experience and a possible link to companies e-commerce websites a step further in the realisation of the real world shopping experience online?

Business Services
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Fliplife is an online game where users virtually take up a profession in various companies. They will be confronted to situations where they will be asked to solve real business and technical challenges. Daimler recently established itself as the first brand in the game to propose real tasks.

Business Services
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Selling B2B solutions doesn’t always imply a straight B2B advertising strategy. To sell its business services, JuneTwentyFirst, a French advertising agency, has begun a campaign characteristic of the B2C sector: a massive teaser campaign in Paris, driving  people to a website that invites open debate on the value of entrepreneurship.

Business Services
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