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Walk away your hotel bills

Walk away your hotel bills

People staying at either the 34 Holiday Inn, the Holiday Inn Express or Crowne Plaza hotels in Spain and Portugal will get pedometers along with their keys when they check in. The hotel company has decided to encourage their guests to enjoy a healthier stay and walk 8km per day (10.000 steps) to improve their general health and wellbeing.

Why it matters

Hotels are not selling just rooms anymore but a period of time in which visitors are under their care. Could initiatives like these be linked back to prices for offering good practices whilst staying at the hotel?

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German online portal ‘Hotelsnapper‘ mediates between hotel owners and customers. Prospective guests dictate their preferences for their stay and the price they wish to pay. The first hotel that agrees to the customers ‘offer’ will be booked. Guests receive the best offer and hotel owners get the chance to rent out rooms that otherwise would have been empty.

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