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Walk away your hotel bills

Walk away your hotel bills

People staying at either the 34 Holiday Inn, the Holiday Inn Express or Crowne Plaza hotels in Spain and Portugal will get pedometers along with their keys when they check in. The hotel company has decided to encourage their guests to enjoy a healthier stay and walk 8km per day (10.000 steps) to improve their general health and wellbeing.

Why it matters

Hotels are not selling just rooms anymore but a period of time in which visitors are under their care. Could initiatives like these be linked back to prices for offering good practices whilst staying at the hotel?

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British celebrities have teamed up with Google to reveal their favourite places for a new guide to “hidden London”. Locations include Dame Kelly Holmes’ favourite market and Ken Livingstone’s preferred tapas restaurant. Users are able to zoom in and see close up street views of each area, find directions and plenty more.

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Travel & Tourism
Couple up to buckle up

‘Couple Up to Buckle Up’  is a Scandinavian Airlines 2 for 1 offer you can only access if a user is with someone else. The airline encouraged its members to enjoy an upcoming trip rather than stack air miles. Conscious that couples usually book a trip together, they decided to leverage that insight and tailor an offer that required them coming together to access the content.
The campaign uses two unique QR codes and requires each person to scan the code assigned to them. It produces one half of the video-based offer. The full offer only becomes visible when both phones are set side by side and the two videos are played in sync.

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