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Tropicana provides the juice for its own digital billboards

Tropicana provides the juice for its own digital billboards

The fruit juice brand Tropicana has illustrated the energy value of its product by setting up a billboard made of oranges in the centre of Paris. A chemical reaction powered by the oranges provides the electricity for a neon sign on the billboard displaying “Natural Energy”. The science behind the operation was relayed through a viral video on the Internet.

Why it matters

With this campaign, not only does Tropicana show the benefits of its product, but it makes use of the product’s energy value to power its own message . As the need for demonstrable proof persists in other areas such as beauty products, will these public displays increase and will we see more instances where the product really is the message?

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The Whopper Bar is a new fast food concept from Burger King. “Bar” comes into play two ways here; there’s a buffet-style topping bar with 22 different choices, such as guacamole, steak sauce, bacon, onions, etc. And what goes better with burgers than beer? Select Whopper Bar locations will also give people the option of enjoying aluminum bottles of Miller Lite and Bud Lite in markets like Miami, Fla., New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A Whopper combo with a beer will set you back $7.99, just about $2 more than a combo with a regular drink.

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Brand future-proofing

Austrian food retailer Billa have recently started offering child-sized versions of their regular products. They’ve also produced a child-specific communication channel in the form of a website and a magazine called ‘Bil + Lara’.

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