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Travel advice from the horse's mouth

Travel advice from the horse's mouth

Tripbod is a new travel website which connects travellers with local experts in order to get recommendations on any particular destination.  Tripbods are people who are passionate about where they live and are eager to correspond with people who are interested in visiting.  The website thus aims to add another dimension to holidays by throwing light upon different sides of a destination away from typical tourist attractions.

Why it matters

Dispensing authentic local knowledge gives a different dimension and a unique USP over traditional travel guides. How can other companies further tap this pool of public willingness to contribute to the travel industry?

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The Dark Side reserve of Noudar is the first nature park of it’s kind in Portugal. It aims to protect the quality of the nocturnal sky and its cultural, scientific, astronomic, natural and environmental values. Associated to this Dark Side Reserve is the Dark Side Route, where tourists can choose from a series of different nocturnal activities like pedestrian walks, star observation, etc.

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