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Throwing you a good parking party

Throwing you a good parking party

Emel - the Portuguese company that manages street parking in Lisbon - decided to celebrate the best parking practices spotted in the main streets of the city. They created a celebration around drivers that parked and paid correctly for their parking space with cheer leaders, TV cameras, a music band, etc.  The videos and photos can be seen on youtube and other online social networks.

Why it matters

More than ever consumers want to be acknowledged for their actions, behaviour and adherence to best practices. How can companies and organisations take note and reward customers that display positive behaviour in more innovative and memorable ways?

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Peugeot have started advertising their yet to be produced BB1; a 2.5-metre long all-electric vehicle capable of seating four. The ad emphasises the dreamlike nature of the car with the line: “it’s using wishes that we have created BB1”. The BB1 is not actually in production yet but the brand has seen fit to communicate what the model represents: their vision for the future.

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