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Taxis that don’t run on empty

Taxis that don’t run on empty

With Taxiback.com, black cabs in Britain can capitalise on what could have been an empty cab ride back. Passengers simply need to submit their trip online in advance and will receive 3 offers. After selecting one, you will be picked up and your journey will be provided at a reduced rate.

Why it matters

There is a clear advantage for both travelers and taxi drivers; taxis gain extra revenue while travelers enjoy reduced rates. Are there any missed opportunities that you could capitalise on in your industry?

Travel & Tourism
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Atrapalo.com has launched a promotion where the consumer can book one of the 300 destinations that the portal offers, by giving his personal information but not paying anything until his return. When back, the consumer decides how much he thinks his holidays were worth. If he has enjoyed the trip, he pays a fair amount and if not, then the holidays are free.

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Travel & Tourism
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Travel & Tourism