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Taxis that don’t run on empty

Taxis that don’t run on empty

With Taxiback.com, black cabs in Britain can capitalise on what could have been an empty cab ride back. Passengers simply need to submit their trip online in advance and will receive 3 offers. After selecting one, you will be picked up and your journey will be provided at a reduced rate.

Why it matters

There is a clear advantage for both travelers and taxi drivers; taxis gain extra revenue while travelers enjoy reduced rates. Are there any missed opportunities that you could capitalise on in your industry?

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Attend your own funeral for $25

A rather macabre South Korean service lets people experience their mortality through a staged funeral and burial, resulting in a new perspective on the value of life.

For $25, you can attend the Coffin Academy.  Over four hours participants write tearful goodbye letters, draft their tombstone epitaphs, sit through their funeral, and then climb into a casket for 10 dark minutes.  The cathartic seminar lets people release long-held anxiety or grudges, and re-prioritize.  Many come away with a new commitment to their families or careers and a feeling like they have a second chance to create the life they want.  In fact, one South Korean business required employees to attend a similar fake funeral event to stimulate productivity. 

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Lessons in leisure

Austrian hotel Cube is now offering ‘study-holidays’ for teenagers who are falling behind at at school. Besides lessons with teachers, they have the chance to participate in various leisure activities.

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