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A taste of nostalgia

A taste of nostalgia

Austrian drinks manufacturer Almdudler has been producing the lemonade of the same name for over 50 years. The brand has recently launched a special retro edition can featuring the original 1957 design.

Why it matters

This move suggests a strategy aiming to acknowledge the renewed importance of comfortable and trusted brands to consumers in these complicated and uncertain times. Will this re-emergence of retro replace the recent preference for experimenting with new and novelty endeavours? Will other brands follow?

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The famous Parisian concept store Colette has launched the ‘Lunch Box’ : it is composed of a tofu burger, fresh vegetables, a bottle of Vitamin water and a desert. From the form of the food to the packaging, the Lunch Box copies all the codes of the fast food category. It is only sold at Colette, and deliveries made only in the trendy 1st district of Paris.

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