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Talking to youngsters the youngster way

Talking to youngsters the youngster way

The French post has launched an interactive video in order to introduce its bank services to young people. A young man is having a bad day and viewers have to help him decide what to do. As the video progresses, he has the opportunity to use all of the services provided by the bank.

Why it matters

Talking to youngsters is difficult, especially for “serious” services like banking. The French post bank manages to simply show how useful its services are in this daily life context. Young viewers are entertained as they recognize themselves in the video.
Do serious brands need to rethink how they speak to youngsters and bring their communications back to real situations in order to reach them?

Financial Services
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E-billing (www.e-rechnung.at) is a new service provided by PostFinance (Yellowbill) and the Swiss banks (Paynet) that gives consumers complete control over bill payments by adopting an online invoicing system. Invoices appear in the consumer’s e-billing mailbox and can be checked and modified before releasing payment. If you are not completely happy with the invoice it can be declined.

Financial Services
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Financial Services