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Takeaway chefs

Takeaway chefs

 Kitchensurfing is an online network for people who want good food and chefs who can cook it anywhere.  The site lists available chefs by specialty and location. Users simply need to pick who they would like to cater their dinner.

Why it matters

Freelance cooking is a great way for many chefs to gain a reputation within small groups of foodies. What other service providers could try this home-delivery strategy?

Food & Drink
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The product ‘Stem’ from the design company Quirky enables users to make an organic vaporizer out of all kinds of foods. Simply stick the plastic device into a lemon, for example, and get a ready to use lemon pump spray.

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Food & Drink
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“Perrier by Dita Von Teese“ is a limited edition drink dedicated to the queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese. For every pack of Aquasource by Biotherm sold in April in Gardenia Perfumeries, the sparkling water has been offered as a gift.

Food & Drink