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Switzerland banks on social stereotypes

Switzerland banks on social stereotypes

Switzerland’s tourism authority has developed an integrated social media campaign that addresses Swiss stereotypes in an ironic way. The campaign was so successful that they decided to follow up with tv episodes that promote the country from one season to another.

Why it matters

A lot of stereotypes come to mind when we think of the Swiss: chocolate experts, watch makers, precise and punctual people, but there is more to it than this. The concept of a tourism ad campaign trying to break cultural stereotypes to promote visits isn’t new. What is surprising though is how the social element has added a layer of depth to it. Take for instance the village of Obermutten. With only 80 residents, it has more than 18,000 fans on Facebook. With this initiative, the village has changed the common rules. First, you enter the virtual community of the town, then perhaps you go and visit it. Could this be the new way to engage people and promote tourism?

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