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Street-map test drive

Street-map test drive

Fiat has launched Happy Drive, a web application that allows consumers to virtually experience the Fiat 500 in their local environment with a virtual test drive thanks to Google Street View.

Why it matters

The online space is becoming increasingly important in offering high-level service traditionally reserved for in-store and tangible consumer touch points.  How will an online showroom, complete with a virtual test drive, impact traditional dealerships?

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The 50th celebration of the invention of the three point seatbelt by Volvo.  Much has changed in the past 50 years, and nothing illustrates that more than fashion. Volvo has tied up with Massimo Dutti to celebrate that the seatbelt has never gone out of style using a "look back through the decades" technique common to the fashion industry. The campaign involved everything from print, microsite to window dispays in Massimo Dutti stores.  

United Arab Emirates
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