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Street fashion

Street fashion

The Istanbul Fashion Week connects fashion designers with the public. During a week, several tents are put up to allow locals to view and purchase the new fashion collections.

Why it matters

 This street approach allows the public to have easier access to what is usually a very exclusive industry. Are there other business categories that would thrive by relaxing the barrier of exclusivity?

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Spy mannequins

Eyesee is a mannequin with a camera mounted behind one of its eyes that feeds data into facial-recognition software like the ones used by police. It logs the age, gender and race of passers-by. It is currently being used in three European countries and the United States.

The company that makes the mannequin, Almax is actually testing technology that would allow retailers to eavesdrop on what shoppers say about the mannequin’s attire.

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Men take their swagger back

“Metrosexual” is yesterday’s news as men ditch skinny jeans for styles that show off brawn instead.  A peek of chest hair is the menswear look du jour, or as some in the fashion world deemed it, “heavage.”  Men’s salons like HALO in Chicago have ditched pampering themes for rugged treatments like The Man™, The Buff™ and The Beard™.  According to one of our own trendspotters sporting the look, “It’s Manuary.”

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