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Stores that live and breathe your product

Stores that live and breathe your product

“Breathing Building Geox” is the building above the Geox store in Milan. It is covered with 734 inox steel panels that can be opened with different inclinations, letting the building “breathe” natural air and supporting in a green way the building’s air-conditioning system.

Why it matters

This building is a large physical manifestation of a brand whose clothes are designed to breathe. Why not demonstrate your product benefits with any space you own? Could parking areas, toilets etc. also be an opportunity to showcase your product’s USP on a grand scale?

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Stores straight from an advert

A brand store for a major Dutch beer brand (Bavaria) where consumers can not only buy the latest new beer, but where they can also experience it in a setting that is identical to the TV commercial featuring Mickey Rourke.

Stores & Spaces
Freshness guaranteed. 24-7.

A Girona farmer has installed a vending machine with pasteurized milk in Salt Market (Girona). His objective was to bring his product directly to the consumer without any intermediary participation.
The seller offers milk 24 hours a day at 1€/1litre (more or less the same price as a tetra brick pack  sold in supermarkets).

Stores & Spaces