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Stealth Starbucks

Stealth Starbucks

Starbucks has launched unbranded stores before, but the new ‘stealth’ unbranded coffee outpost in the flagship Macy’s New York store represents the first Starbucks coffeehouse experience that has been tailored for the specific needs of the store’s shoppers.

Why it matters

It’s a bold move to throw away equity and bury a brand name. Starbucks, however, is using it as an attempt to evolve with consumers. As premium codes change, the things that made Starbucks famous may also make it less interesting. This is an extreme case, but as people increasingly seek novelty, the tried-and-true often needs to change. Short of tossing out all brand equity, what are other ways to push our brands to evolve with consumer taste and still stand for something? How might creating small customised experiences, even for a big brand, show consumers a deeper understanding of the way they live?

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