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Social media music

Social media music

“Social Music Experience” is the first CD created by social network users. Tuenti, the biggest teen Spanish social network, is selling a CD completely created by its users.
More than 300,000 users chose the title, cover and track list after voting and uploading their preferences to the site. The final cover received over 18,000 votes, and more than 315,000 votes decided the cd playlist. More than 12,000 photos were uploaded as suggestions for the  CD’s cover.  Sony Music collaborated on the production. The album is available on iTunes, music stores and Spotify.

Why it matters

Collaborative music compilation is just part of the web 2.0 era. Users know they can create whatever they want in any format they desire. So is this the first move towards a completely personalized world where brands have less of a say in product creation?

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