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Smart art supports children

Smart art supports children

A Portuguese company, Logoplaste, and Smart combined their creativity to offer CADin – an innovative fundraising initiative to supports children with learning difficulties. The Smart Art campaign involved companies buying a Smart car and donating it to an art auction. Well known Portuguese artists were invited to customise the cars with their artwork. The cars toured shopping centres and other public places throughout Portugal, raising public awareness for the activities of CADin.

Why it matters

The idea of involving big companies rather than individuals in this kind of initiative turned out to be success. Six of the auctioned cars were bought by companies that wanted to participate. Will successful initiatives like this encourage big companies or well known individuals to get involved with local causes more often?

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Playing is good for you

UNICEF has created, a game available on Facebook that allows users to build a virtual school that UNICEF will then make a reality in Zambia. The project is in collaboration with ING DIRECT, which will donate 20.000€. To participate Facebook users just have to access the application, log in and explore the virtual school and information about the project, make donations through credit cards, PayPal or by sending an SMS, and invite friends to join the construction.

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