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Size matters

Size matters

To launch the new Volkswagen Up in France, JC Decaux and the V agency created a display event. They installed a real car on a wall, next to a 10-meter high ruler. The aim was obviously to highlight the small size of the vehicle.

Why it matters

The idea is to surprise people thanks to an unexpected point of contact. Can you think of an original idea to present a product you’re trying to launch in a new segment?

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The 50th celebration of the invention of the three point seatbelt by Volvo.  Much has changed in the past 50 years, and nothing illustrates that more than fashion. Volvo has tied up with Massimo Dutti to celebrate that the seatbelt has never gone out of style using a "look back through the decades" technique common to the fashion industry. The campaign involved everything from print, microsite to window dispays in Massimo Dutti stores.  

United Arab Emirates
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