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Show me my money

Show me my money

Rising from the ashes of the traditional banking industry in America, Kasasa (BancVue) is a website that offers customers savings and current accounts with a personal twist.  In addition to the cashback and automatic savings plans commonly seen in the major banks, Kasasa has paired with less traditional partners such as charitable foundations and iTunes to give their customers a choice in what they do with their money.  For example, the Giving account automatically donates high interest and a per-debit-transaction to your choice of one of 5 charities.  The iTunes account comes with a number of free iTunes downloads per month.

Why it matters

There are a couple of powerful forces at work here.  First, banks are in dire need of transparent and more altruistic practices, and people want more control over their money.  Second, philanthropy has long been relegated to the upper echelons of society, and you could really only make a difference if you could give a lot.  Today, thanks to the scalability of the internet, giving belongs to anyone. Now, people can easily make small donations that add up to a big impact.  How can brands turn a small gift - whether on your behalf or the customers’ - into  a big love?

Financial Services
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Barclays bank has set an interesting website for its clients – the Barclays Circle. It’s presented as a social media platform where customers can interact instantaneously with their bank, but also with other customers. Users can get the opinions of banking experts and other customers on financial products and services, as well as give their own opinions.

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Financial Services
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“iWallet” is a hard case wallet, tamper resistant and can only be opened if it recognises your fingerprints. Using Bluetooth technology that connects to your mobile, an alarm goes off if both are about 10ft away from each other.

Financial Services