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Shop here to be a real hero

Shop here to be a real hero

HEROShopping is a non-profit initiative in which anyone can take part simply by shopping online. The concept is based on affiliate marketing; shoppers go to www.heroshopping.com and click through to a number of partner shops to start buying. In return for the shopping lead, the partner stores pay a ‘thank-you bonus’ (commission) to HEROShopping who transfer the funds to the United Nations World Food program and skate-aid.

Why it matters

In 2010, an estimated 15,4 billion euros was spent online. How can your brand combine shopping with a good conscience for both shoppers and retailers?

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Social Cause
Buying time

Ausonia company (brand that produces articles for women) has launched the “one package one minute to the breast cancer investigation” campaign. Ausonia, in cooperation with AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) tries to contribute to the fight against breast cancer financing an investigation minute for each sold package.

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