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Shedding eco-friendly light on culture

Shedding eco-friendly light on culture

Panasonic launched its latest solar-powered LED balls at the Tokyo Hotaru Festival. The EVERLED light bulbs were meant to represent fireflies as well as pay homage to the Japanese tradition of floating candles on the water.
The spectacular event lit up the waterway with a sparkling radiance while promoting the brand’s ecofriendly product.

Why it matters

Culture is a powerful tool. Tapping into culture not only adds authenticity to ones brand, it can help celebrate it in unexpected yet relevant ways. How could you highlight your brand or product by tapping into local culture?

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IKEA is extending its affordable-chic furniture empire by building a privately-owned neighbourhood of affordable home rentals, condos, town homes, office spaces, and a hotel - all built and furnished entirely in the IKEA brand. People in the London area can then rent the units from IKEA, who will continue to own the 27-acre space and maintain the buildings, parks, and public areas.

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Brand-delivered laundry

Cleenbox and DHL have jointly created a smart way to get your clothes washed. Consumers first order their unique box to package their clothes in, then DHL picks up the box at a time set up via the internet. The clean clothes are then returned within 2-3 days. It’s all controlled and tracked online.

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