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Shape your experience

Shape your experience

Levi’s has found a new way of designing jeans with their Curve ID range. The jeans are styled according to women’s shape rather than size. A website shows women how to measure their shape at home or allows them to book a professional custom-fitting in store.

Why it matters

29% of women think fitting into their old jeans is better than sex. Finding jeans that fit is really important to women. Will we one day see other fashion brands follow suit allowing women to  navigate fashion ranges according to their shape rather than their size?

Fashion & Design
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Smart fabrics

World famous Turkish designer Arzu Kaprol has launched a new series of clothes in which she used smart fabrics that don’t need any ironing or cleaning. These fabrics get rid of the bacteria themselves, and they stay clean for a long period of time. Ideal for business people who don’t have much time to worry about their clothes.

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Fashion & Design
Clocking Facebook likes on the store rack

Fashion brand C&A launched the "Like Fashion” operation, that connects the stores with the brand’s Facebook page.  Every time a fan of the brand likes a clothing item online, the ‘like’ is recorded on the clothes hanger located at the point of sale in real-time.

Fashion & Design