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As seen on a celebrity

As seen on a celebrity

A boutique copies and sells all the clothes the Letizia Princess has. They’re identical replicas of the most famous clothes the princess has used for her public acts. The prices are from 700 to 1.000€, a very “accessible” price.

Why it matters

Hugely successful brand ASOS, with the name As Seen On Screen, chosen in order to try to show the brand's intention to supply the public with outfits similar to the styles of celebrities. While small boutiques can’t compete with the scale of large high street brands, will they use niche tactics such as representing a single celebrity to justify their existence?

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Enabling fashion for the disabled

Xeni is a young fashion label that designs, manufactures and retails online clothing specifically designed for women who use wheelchairs. It also manufactures clothing and jewellery for women who have difficulty manipulating clasps, buttons and zips due to illnesses such as MS.

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Fashion & Design
First for fans

The French mail order La Redoute launched its Facebook store. Through a new shopping tag, the 250,000 Fans of La Redoute have now access to a selection of items they can buy directly on the webpage without leaving Facebook. According to the e-commerce director of La Redoute, this is only the first step to the creation of a entire collection dedicated to the Facebook fans.

Fashion & Design