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Secret Paris

Secret Paris

The luxury hotel Lutecia Palace in Paris launched a blog recently which bears the same name as the author: The Discreet. He is an imaginary character  who shares the best secret spots on the left bank of the Seine for hotel guests to discover.

Why it matters

This is a good way to discover the real Paris, far from the main tourist attractions. The type of suggestions are catered to the tastes of the customer base that stays at the hotel.
Could you make more use of social media platforms to propose new ways to discover a city?

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SJ, the major train operator in Sweden are set to launch a bed & breakfast concept next month in cooperation with the annual Nordic Rail Fair. The company will be offering visitors of the fair the chance to travel to it and stay on-board for the weekend instead of checking in at a hotel.

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Camping is coming to the city

Our earlier observation where we talked of the coining of the phrase ‘urban camping’ has come to life. ‘Tentstation’ offers low budget stays on its camping site located in the middle of Berlin. The venue is based around a former open-air pool, that is now used as a a tango dance floor, as a volleyball court or as a skate park. For more convenience, guests can also sleep in  rentable caravan trucks.

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