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Scrap is ready!

Scrap is ready!

“cucinaeco.wordpress.com” is a blog talking about a new ecological way of eating: cooking nothing but the scraps and baking them in the dishwasher (well closed in a jar).

Why it matters

Is this a way of transforming garbage into something useful, making people more conscious about how much waste  they produce daily? What if brands made their products long-lasting, giving people advice about the re-utilisation or recycling of their products?

Food & Drink
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The Portuguese Bakery has launched a Facebook competition to elect which of its bakeries is the best in Lisbon. The winning bakery will be giving its products away for free for a whole day. This competition marks the bakery’s second birthday.

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Food & Drink

McDonald’s is planning to open its first franchise store in Amritsar, Northern India. Because the restaurant will be built near the sacred Golden Temple, where authorities forbid nearby consumption of meat, this will be the first fully vegetarian McDonald’s in the world.

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