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Scan your cookie

Scan your cookie
A German start-up company markets a baking mixture called QKies. Besides the cookie dough, the package also includes edible printed QR codes as a topping. The baked cookies can be used as invitations, give-aways or promotional incentives.
Why it matters

Nowadays QR codes are widely used and have become a typical marketing tool. But beyond the promotional purposes,  this idea actually has a sustainable core. It adds a new function to something basic like food and thereby fits into the spirit of our time. What other inventions are imaginable for brands? Edible envelopes? Or chewing gum, which enables contactless payment?

Food & Drink
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Pop-up partnerships

For one month, the California Bakery in Milan became the Philadelphia Kitchen and the first temporary restaurant branding by Kraft . During its one month existence it served well known, old American recipes like cheesecakes - all made with Philadelphia cheese.

Food & Drink
Tell me a story

The whisky brand Grant’s has created True Tales, a series of events that allow people to share special stories about the theme ‘Family’. True Tales events bring together simple yet potent ingredients: great storytellers, enthralling true stories and of course whisky. The first series of events occurred in Manchester (with Alistair McGowan as a special guest storyteller) and now in Lisbon, with actor / comedian Miguel Guilherme and other raconteurs.

Food & Drink