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Saying it like it is, and sharing it too

Saying it like it is, and sharing it too

Telecommunications company TMN launched its new slogan “vamos lá” (Let’s Go or Come on) through an innovative Facebook-integrated website. The site encourages people to share testimonials as well as provide a feed of positive news about successful Portuguese businesses and initiatives. Visitors can contribute with more news and share stories on Facebook.

Why it matters

In a time when big companies are looking to gain consumer trust,  this is an excellent way of improving a brand’s image while making the most of current online social tools to reach potential customers. How can big brands refresh or enhance their reputation in a time where consumers are far more discerning about where they spend their money?

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Future design by telephone

Swiss furniture manufacturer mSHAPE are now enabling consumers to design their own tables using their mobile phones. By downloading a mobile application from the mSHAPE website  consumers can “sculpt” a computer-generated image of the table, choosing dimensions, materials and colours. These parameters are then transmitted to the computer-controlled production facility for manufacture.


Making a call on social integration

There are 8.5 million disabled people in Turkey. Despite advancements there are still many obstacles to integrating disabled people into society, particularly the workforce. 3G technology is helping Turkcell to change this with video call centres that provide sign language services for customers who are hard of hearing.