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Sailing through virtual worlds

Sailing through virtual worlds

For the national release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney France has created a virtual regatta from May 3rd to June 15th. Users can create their own boat and sail through the movie’s journey, with a chance to win a trip to Hawaii as incentives.

Why it matters

Beyond simple storytelling, Disney’s gameplay is tuned with the movie’s universe, compelling users to go and watch the movie. Can you think of a way to fit your entire brand’s universe into an interactive virtual experience beyond a traditional website?

Travel & Tourism
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Concept hotels get experiential

The Vine Hotel located in the Funchal region of Madeira is named as a tribute to the island’s world-famous wine.  Each of the hotel’s four floors represent a different season for the wines; for example, the Winter floor is grey and the Spring floor is green. Even the spa offers ‘vinotherapy’ treatments using Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet grapes.

Travel & Tourism
The hotel that rocked

Germany‘s first Performance Hotel can now be found in Stuttgart. It works like this: guests either pay or perform (almost anything) to stay. The hotel, initiated as an art-project by Byung Chul Kim, aims at bringing the neighbourhood together with art and their guests.

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