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A rubber ducky for Madame?

A rubber ducky for Madame?

London’s Goring Hotel is now offering a bath menu in partnership with product company Molton Brown. The £20.12 price point package includes essential oils and bath products, cocktails, scented candles and a “Bath Butler” to draw the bath for you.

Why it matters

Be it bath menus or more complex spa packages, this system of “hotel experiences” is a good way for hotels to attract locals and target other customers that wouldn’t necessarily consider a stay. Are these ‘outside the box’ partnerships the way forward to open new opportunities and markets for hotels?

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Qatar Airways is launching a new fleet of Boeing 787 aircraft that are specially designed for optimal luxury, social interaction and networking in-flight. The chairs point to each other around wood tables, each seat has a touch screen, and all cabins are equipped to connect to personal devices. The flight also features an automatically shifting light sensor that works to adjust travelers’ biological clocks to the new time zone.

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