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A rubber ducky for Madame?

A rubber ducky for Madame?

London’s Goring Hotel is now offering a bath menu in partnership with product company Molton Brown. The £20.12 price point package includes essential oils and bath products, cocktails, scented candles and a “Bath Butler” to draw the bath for you.

Why it matters

Be it bath menus or more complex spa packages, this system of “hotel experiences” is a good way for hotels to attract locals and target other customers that wouldn’t necessarily consider a stay. Are these ‘outside the box’ partnerships the way forward to open new opportunities and markets for hotels?

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Name your plane

Pegasus is the biggest private airline company in Turkey serving both international and domestic flights. Every new aircraft added to the float is named with a girl’s name.The company has now chosen to run a campaign asking families if they would like to see their daughter’s name on the side of new aircrafts.

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Camping is coming to the city

Our earlier observation where we talked of the coining of the phrase ‘urban camping’ has come to life. ‘Tentstation’ offers low budget stays on its camping site located in the middle of Berlin. The venue is based around a former open-air pool, that is now used as a a tango dance floor, as a volleyball court or as a skate park. For more convenience, guests can also sleep in  rentable caravan trucks.

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