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Retailers see the light

Retailers see the light

Lightglass, an Austrian start-up, combines technology with design to produce luminous lighting for offices and retail spaces.

Why it matters

The growth of online shopping poses a threat for high street retailers. In the future will high street retailers use such technologies to attract customers in store by creating theatre and magic?

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www.careerealism.com is a career advice blog, and one of the top career advice tools on Twitter.  Their tagline reads: “Because EVERY Job is Temporary.”  In fact, the number of people in the U.S. who claimed to have job security fell 17.5 percentage points in 2009. This sums up a major shift in the way we view employment, and how we prepare for it.  A transitory job market means people are on the job hunt more often, and for longer.  It’s also affected higher education, with more and more students opting for an interdisciplinary track over a narrowly focused pre-professional program.

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Opening the books on Portugal

PE Probe is a website that aggregates relevant information about Portugal’s economy and finances in English. It showcases statistics, events and documents issued by top organisations across the country. Created by the nonprofit entity Portugal Economy Probe, the website serves as a display window for the country’s assets.

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