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Retailers see the light

Retailers see the light

Lightglass, an Austrian start-up, combines technology with design to produce luminous lighting for offices and retail spaces.

Why it matters

The growth of online shopping poses a threat for high street retailers. In the future will high street retailers use such technologies to attract customers in store by creating theatre and magic?

Business Services
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Putting people at someone’s service

Have you ever said to yourself “I would pay someone to do this for me”?  People lead busy lives and everyday tasks can become quite overwhelming at times.

The  Spanish social network Etece tries to solve this problem by putting qualified people in touch with people who are searching for a helping hand. Users choose the fee they are willing to pay for any given service and if the task isn’t done properly, users can even refuse to pay. From moving, deliveries, home repairs to pet care, nearly every service can have a price tag attached to it.

Business Services
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Robocops in jail

The Korean government is testing robots that will act as security guards in correctional facilities. The robots’ duties include general video surveillance and to warn staff in case inmates attempt suicide.

Business Services