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Qatar Airways flies high in the technology sky

Qatar Airways flies high in the technology sky

Qatar Airways is launching a new fleet of Boeing 787 aircraft that are specially designed for optimal luxury, social interaction and networking in-flight. The chairs point to each other around wood tables, each seat has a touch screen, and all cabins are equipped to connect to personal devices. The flight also features an automatically shifting light sensor that works to adjust travelers’ biological clocks to the new time zone.

Why it matters

Qatar is innovating around its passenger needs. They are likely going to work on the plane, so the flight should help connect them. They may be headed for a meeting, so the flight tries to reduce jetlag. They solve problems with features, building loyalty in a commoditised market. How can other companies incorporate these small touches into their finished product that help consumers feel like the brand ‘thought of everything?’ How can even small-scale innovations, like packaged goods, start to solve broader complaints with overarching features when redesigning?

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