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Protecting pedestrians with a bounce

Protecting pedestrians with a bounce
Volvo is known for their safety record, but they have now taken this innovation even further. The new 2013 V40 hatchback now carries external airbags to protect pedestrians. These airbags are a world first and are located at the base of the windshield of the car. They are activated in the event of collision with a pedestrian. Sensors on the front bumper register the physical contact between the car and the pedestrian and release the rear end of the bonnet to deploy the airbag.


Why it matters

The core Volvo brand value is safety. They keep evolving their USP and this time it goes beyond only passenger safety. This sets them apart from all other car manufacturers. Can you think of ways to stay true to your brand promise, yet develop new products and services that are truly relevant for your customers?

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