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Prime time on YouTube

Prime time on YouTube

YouTube launched a digital campaign to promote itself with a series of short video episodes. The aim was to convince brands to consider YouTube in their communication strategy. They created an interactive tool to explain the potential of the channel.

Why it matters

More and more companies plan part of their campaigns on YouTube, but many of them still underestimate its power and potential. Brands can reach the right target audience, personalize their campaigns and possibly get them to become viral. With the emergence of so many new tools in the digital space, are brands really making the most of them? Are brands just in the middle of the learning curve when it comes to these digital platforms?

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Nicko Nogués and Carolina Rivera have started the initiative 365diasdefestivales.org. This is an online platform designed to spread the good mood of a music festival to every day of the year.
To achieve this, they count on the support of several artists and groups that have decided to collaborate selflessly in the project – acting for free to generate mini-concerts and gigs throughout the year. Entry is controlled by festival bands and sold for 5€.

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