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Plug, twist and save!

Plug, twist and save!

Dialug is an electrical outlet that integrates a timer in the socket. It can be set for however long your device needs the power source and guarantees you don’t overcharge any devices unnecessarily.

Why it matters

Resources are getting more scarce and green credentials are something that consumers are looking for in products. The Dialug plug is a stylish and handy way of doing your part for the environment. Is this the beginning of the rise of eco-friendly design integrated into fundamental functionality?

House & Home
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House squeeze

“Keret House”, planned by Jakub Szczesny, will be the narrowest residence in Warsaw. The triangle-shaped house spans three levels and is suspended between two existing buildings above the alley below. The total habitable space is 14,5 square meters.

House & Home
Village commune

Imagine if one person who retires could buy a house on the beach or in the mountains with their savings. What could 10 people buy if they put their money together? A whole village!
This was the idea of a group of Spanish friends who decided to buy a village on the mountain to retire and relax together. They renovated the village to build their dream, group living experience, a “business class commune”.
They are building common places to share activities such as a big kitchen and a swimming pool. But everybody is going to have their own private home.

House & Home