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Pitch my shop

Pitch my shop

Herold.at, Austria’s Yellow Pages, offers a virtual tour through the country’s shopping streets and even inside the stores. Shop owners can upload videos where they can present and pitch themselves and their shop to potential consumers.

Why it matters

This demonstrates how the collaboration between online search tools and brands can bring about advantages for both. What other content may we see businesses share that will  add depth to the online experience?

Business Services
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Facing up to the carbon issue

Every year we each receive 30kg of advertising through our letterboxes, creating 60kg of harmful CO2 gases. The project BuzonVerde.com was initiated to balance these emissions. Registered users of the site benefit from targeted promotions relevant to them and receive instant electronic versions. This saves paper, printing, and transportation as well as ensuring accurately targeted brand promotions.

Business Services
Instant Gratification
Shopping directly from video tags

Videodeals allows businesses to upload videos and tag the items that appear in them. This allows them to sell products based on more complete information rather than just an image and copy. The platform is currently available in beta version, but the full launch is expected shortly.

Business Services