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Open space mobile divider

Open space mobile divider

There’s been a design trend in the last decade that focused on open space offices. Even though it is seen to encourage communication between employees, a recent user study has also highlighted that it may be harder for workers to focus. An inventor designed and created a device named ‘Efi’. It consists of a connected space divider which enables office employees to isolate themselves when they need to concentrate. Lowering down the ring enables them to isolate from physical noise (visual and phonic) but also from digital noise by filtering data receipt (e-mails, phone calls, instant messages, etc.). Efi's system is made up of two elements : an online service where the employee will define his data filtering parameters and an adjustable space divider which works as a tangible interface with the online service.

Why it matters

It’s easy for people to get distracted nowadays - in and outside of the office. Can you think of a way to modify your product or service that allows your customers to make better use of their time and concentration?

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Stores & Spaces
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