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Old car, new smell

Old car, new smell

Ford Spain has bottled the ‘smell of new car’ for a market that desperately craves it: buyers of second hand vehicles who miss out on a crucial part of the new car experience. Ford sprays the scent into all their used vehicles promising that their cars will feel just like new.

Why it matters

With fewer people able to afford new cars and lower enthusiasm about used ones, Ford turned to instinctual marketing (scent is one of the strongest) to give people something they already resigned themselves to not having. More importantly, they’ve taken an emotion – the thrill of new car smell – and branded it. How can we better unlock those deep, embedded memories and brand them with more subtle appeals to the human mind?

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With the popularity of smart phones, people are constantly connected to social media. Ford has recognised this by developing a new programme, Applink, that reads out your tweets to reduce the risk of accidents.

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“Take it Easy” is a new service launched by Easy Bus, based on the "last minute" concept and on a strategy of price / seat availability (bookings and confirmations on the internet). Routes, stops and schedules are previously arranged by the client to provide a quick and easy trip through Lisbon (eg. home - office and back) in a small, comfortable bus (something between a private car and a public bus). The faster the client books his seat, the cheaper it will be. The service is monthly paid: 50% in the beginning of the month and 50% in the end.

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