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No water shower

No water shower

A 22-year-old South African developed a gel said to kill 99.9% of bacteria and can be applied directly on the skin as if it were a regular moisturizer.  DryBath is the world’s first shower gel that doesn’t require water. For every sachet purchased by its corporate clients, DryBath will offer a free or subsidised sachet to its global charity partners.

Why it matters

Ludwick Marishane had the idea for a DryBath when a friend suggested the idea of having a product that didn’t require him to bathe.  The use of the product goes beyond being slightly lazy; airlines, military and people who don’t have easy access to water have seen the benefits of this product. This brings us back to the source of innovation: the best ideas often come from the need for something useful. Are we looking for good ideas in the right place?   

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