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The next chapter in fashion retail

The next chapter in fashion retail

STORY started as a startup fashion retail store and has now become a permanent pop-up shop: same location, but new retail layout every 4-6 weeks.  Each month is a new “chapter”, such as COLOR, with an art-gallery installation feel, the point of view of a fashion magazine, and sells items like a small boutique. 

Why it matters

The retail landscape is in flux due to a tension between bricks-and-mortar  and online stores, and retail spaces need to become more than just a transaction-based  consumer experience.  Many stores will rotate merchandise to keep it fresh, but STORY has tapped into a retail experience that transcends the clothing for sale.  They sell a fashion trend, not just articles of clothing and accessories, that is gone as quickly as it comes in.  Can this transcend fashion retail and become a viable retail model to save bricks-and-mortar?  How can you tell a new story through the store experience with your product or service?

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