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New level of service

New level of service

Rostelecom launched new payment and information service machines in Russia. They are meant to help people obtain information about taxes, fees, public services, government regulation as well as provide immediate payments. The device will also be used as advertising space.

Why it matters

As people increasingly withdraw from traditional advertising methods, could the digital space provide a solution?

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Financial Services
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With banks making it more and more difficult to borrow, people are looking for new ways to finance their projects. Dutch filmmaker and artist Alex van Warmerdam decided to take matters into his own hands when he needed money for his latest movie project. Rather than turning to traditional investors, he paints canvases that he later sells to finance his movie project.

Financial Services
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Everybody has a stingy friend. Friends who don’t pay for anything and always excuse themselves. ING Direct has created a competition to find ‘the stingiest person’ through social media. Anyone can vote and the winner will get 2.000 €.

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Financial Services