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New level of service

New level of service

Rostelecom launched new payment and information service machines in Russia. They are meant to help people obtain information about taxes, fees, public services, government regulation as well as provide immediate payments. The device will also be used as advertising space.

Why it matters

As people increasingly withdraw from traditional advertising methods, could the digital space provide a solution?

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Financial Services
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Introducing the credit key ring

Garanti have launched the contactless credit card Bonus Trink, which can take the form of a key ring or a watch. It allows you to spend up to €18 at Burger King and Starbucks amongst other retailers with a single touch. No need for PINs or signatures.

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Financial Services
Digital wallets

The clever students at the MIT Media Lab have created Proverbial Wallets – digitally enhanced wallets designed to guide your spending habits. Using Bluetooth technology, the wallet collects your financial data and measures your spending. The wallet then swells and shrinks to reflect your bank balance. It also has the ability to lock if you reach your monthly budget.

Financial Services
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