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A natural high

A natural high

TICE, the Austrian “high spirits” drink, contains special amino acids that support the body’s production of joy hormones. The ingredients L-tryptophan and L-tyrosine are supposed to activate your good mood. Pharmacies provide this drink in mint and lemon flavours.

Why it matters

The growth of the functional water category with benefits from anti-cellulite to skin cleansing is continuing unabated. However, the energy drinks market - which has mental rather than physical effects - has come under pressure for its artificial stimulating ingredients. Is TICE part of a backlash which raises the importance of more natural highs even from your water?

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Consumers get their just desserts

The desert brand Danette is turning 40 in 2010. To celebrate, it has launched an operation called “Smile, you are a Danette”. The consumer is invited to post a picture of his best smile on a dedicated website. The 480 first net users will be assured to have their pictures selected. 1000 pictures in all will be printed on packs in February 2010.

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Good deals come to those who wait

HaiDiLao Hotpot restaurants in China are known for pampering customers while they wait for a table: they can get their nails done, eat a fruit plate or even get a massage. However, the waiting has been made even more worthwhile with a cash incentive.

The longer the wait, the bigger the cash discount a customer receives. All the customer needs to do while waiting is fold paper into cranes! For every paper crane folded, the restaurant gives a 0.5 yuan ($0.08) discount.

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