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Mood-enhancing kitchens

Mood-enhancing kitchens

After years of white, minimalist  cabinetry, the kitchen is becoming more colourful as leading manufacturers tempt consumers’ palates with brighter colours and wider pattern choices.

Why it matters

If consumers are truly tiring of the sober minimalist movement and instead craving something mood-lifting, could we begin to see brands in the house and home space looking at more direct ways to lift the human psyche? In the future could products be categorised by what they do for the mind as opposed to what they deliver functionally?

Well Being
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1950s styling appears to be enjoying a revival within the Turkish fashion and interiors markets, despite the current consumer preference for more considered and need-driven purchasing over aspirational and style-driven products.

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Risk-free appliance purchase

“If the crisis takes your job, Tien21 will refund the purchase price of the acquired products”. This is the campaign message used by the electrical appliances and consumer electronics chain to attract consumers who are considering postponing big ticket item purchases and await better economic times.
The initiative is based on the purchase of an insurance policy in case of unemployment, temporary disability or hospitalization.

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