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Making physical, digital

Making physical, digital

Movidón is an app that allows you to share localised digital messages with friends and followers on your social networks. For instance, you can leave a message for a friend at the entrance of the Museo del Prado. When the friend arrives there, they’ll receive the message which can be music, photos, videos or  just a comment about the place.

Why it matters

It’s an interesting way to share valuable information with your friends, clients or consumers. But more importantly, in this 2.0 digital world, this app removes the fine barrier between the online and offline world. Can you think of ways of extending a combined offline and online experience for your customers that could engage them further?

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The first 4D cinema opened in London last month. The London Eye has started screening a three minute short film in a purpose-built 3D cinema, but with the addition of a series of special effects machines that blow smoke, wind, bubbles, snow, spray water and even emit fireworks smells into the audience to bring the movie to life.

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Developed by Nokia Italy, nstreet is an online community for sharing experiences by posting videos, pictures and geo-referred information. The platform is different from famous sharing platforms such as YouTube and Flickr, due to its “MeToo” functionality,  which allows users who have had a similar experience to connect via the platform.

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