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Making that holiday XXL

Making that holiday XXL

The German travel agency Dicke Reisen specialises in planning travel arrangements for overweight people. It was created by a curvy lady fed up of encountering inconveniences due to her weight when travelling.  The agency caters for customers by offering special discounts to fly in business class (where seats are larger), suggesting hotels with larger beds and proposing activities that are not too physically demanding.

Why it matters

Certain niche markets are growing considerably in size and voice. Does this warrant brands having to create specialised and tailored experiences for some of these groups?

Travel & Tourism
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When you get back from a holiday you can often feel more tired than before you left.

For this reason “smart holidays” suggest a new way of relaxing on holiday: a mixture between body and soul care and fun. Days are composed of stimulating activities like yoga, dance, Thai massage, diving and seminars to overcome stress. They offer an opportunity to get to know your own self in depth and the world that surrounds us.

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Travel & Tourism
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Travel & Tourism