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Making banking responsible?

Making banking responsible?

The consumer credit  company Cofidis has just launched a new signature - “From people, to people” - and changed its own brand positioning to get closer to its clients and their needs. The company is moving away from  being known for anonymous and remote loans.

Why it matters

The financial crisis has thrown many families into a very difficult situation, especially because of over indebtment and an abrupt rise in living costs. In a time where some people need credit more then ever, consumers are increasingly suspicious of the financial system. Companies like Cofidis are well aware of this and are offering much more than a loan to its clients: a service that includes not only the money needed, but also personalized financial counselling and help in household budget management. Is this the end of “blind loans” that contributed to the collapse of the banking system? Will this crisis contribute to a more responsible and sound financial system? And will this new approach last?

Financial Services
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Financial Services
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Financial Services
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